The company CHRISTOS KAFETZIS & CO OE was founded in 1970 by CHRISTOS KAFETZIS in the city of Kavala. Activities include the study, installation and maintenance of elevators as well as all kinds of vertical and horizontal transport mechanisms.


The elevators that have been installed so far, certify the company’s long-term effort, with the main focus on continuous technological renewal, quality and safety.


The immediate and the personal contact with the customer, the experienced staff , and the constant vigilance and response to new technological challenges, led the company to a steady upward trend. The company commands a dynamic presence not only in the prefecture of Kavala, but also in the greater region of Northern Greece, and has successfully acquired a large and esteemed clientele which is maintained to this day.


Since 1970 our company

provides high quality services.

Today, well into the 5th decade of operation, manned with the second generation, our company continues with its upward trend with great zeal, guaranteeing the quality, the fast service, the full technical support of your elevator.


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