KLEEMANN provides a range of custom and compatible Lift Renovation Services, from upgrades and component replacements to complete or partial renovations, as well as custom solutions. Known for quality and flexibility, the range of custom MOD Kits offers multiple upgrade solutions for lifts. The components of the MOD Kits can also be selected individually depending on the unique requirements of each project.

The KLEEMANN Renovation Services department is staffed by design and renovation experts who will guide you through each step, whether your project requires additional safety features, improved performance or aesthetics.

A wide international network of suppliers ensures speed and efficiency, as well as monetary savings, while allowing the adaptation of MOD Kits to the requirements of each project. 

MOD Kits are designed to add reliable features to the lift, overcoming outdated technology or lack of comprehensive rules.

  • The A3 Kit stops the movement of the cabin car with the unlocked floor door (safety)
  • The EN81-21 Kit eliminates the risk due to shallow bottom depth / top floor height (safety)
  • The suspension conversion allows the use of a gearbox without gear (performance)
  • VVVF in hydraulic lift (performance)
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